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My Virtual Academy - Your Education. Your Pace. Your Future.

About Us

My Virtual Academy is a tuition-free online school for Michigan residents focused on providing a flexible method of learning for grades 5-12. Our program takes pride in achieving a high level of student retention and success for homeschooling.

Our Program

With programs running in most counties in Michigan, it's easy to find the best program that works for you or your elementary, middle or high school student.


Our mission is to give students the best possible education. We provide students with outstanding educational values and create a curriculum that meets their needs.


At My Virtual Academy, we provide user-friendly software that makes learning fun. Our students receive all the equipment and software they need to reach their full potential.

Enrollment | FAQ



Find a Location Near You

Find a MVA Enrollment Location Near You.

When it comes to online high schools in Michigan, My Virtual Academy is the place to turn for programs that empower students to achieve their academic goals.

We understand that there are many questions surrounding an alternative to Michigan online school. Michigan parents might not have heard about online school and might be understandably wary. We are here to answer any questions you may have and make you sure you are able to make an informed decision.

What equipment does the student receive?

If needed, the student receives one loaned computer, printer/scanner (one per household), and internet access.

Does the student get to keep the computer?

The computer is provided for educational purposes. Students will remain in possession of the educational equipment while enrolled with My Virtual Academy.

What if the student finishes the class work early?

If the student finishes the assigned curriculum early, they have the ability to move to the next course.

How much time is required on the computer each week?

We require an average of 25 hours per week or 5 hours per class.

Do students have to work every day?

Students have the ability to work at their own pace and schedule as long as the weekly attendance requirement is met.

Who does the student call if they need help?

The student can call 855-MVA-2333 to speak to the coaching team they have been assigned to. The student can also call a mentor associated with our virtual school. Michigan school districts will provide the mentors.

How often does someone call?

My Virtual Academy calls a minimum of two times per week to speak to the parent/guardian as well as the student. The district mentor will call once a week.

Who provides grades?

Students will earn grades through My Virtual Academy. My Virtual Academy will provide the district with the earned grades.

Does the student graduate from My Virtual Academy?

No. The student will graduate from the school district they signed up through.

Do parents receive progress reports?

Yes, parents will receive a progress report once a month.

Is someone available 24/7?

All virtual school courses are available 24 hours a day. Office hours are available 8am-9pm M-TH, 8am-5pm F, and 8am-2pm EST Saturday. Students and parents have the opportunity to email the My Virtual Academy teacher at any time.

What will the student be working on?

My Virtual Academy utilizes Compass Learning’s Odyssey software & OdysseyWare as well as supplemental material to ensure that each student receives curriculum that is aligned to State and Common Core Standards.

Who will be working with my student?

Students will have a team of people assigned to help ensure that they succeed to the best of their ability. The team will consist of a highly qualified teacher, certified teacher, paraprofessional, administrative assistant, and district mentor. The Cyber School Coordinator and Curriculum Development Specialist will oversee the individualized program for your student.

Who chooses courses?

Courses are chosen by the parent in collaboration with the school district mentor.

What are the qualifications of the teachers?

All instructors have graduated from a Michigan Teacher Preparation program at a University and hold a Michigan Teaching Certificate.

What if the program is not working for me?

The student has the opportunity to withdraw at any time by contacting the school district. All equipment provided will need to be returned to My Virtual Academy via UPS.

What do I need for proof of residency?

You will need a utility bill showing services address, mortgage statement/lease agreement including signature page, OR a Property Tax Statement with proof of payment.

For more answers about our Michigan online school program, parents can call to speak with a representative.


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"My Virtual Academy has been an awesome opportunity for my child. Before enrolling my child in My Virtual Academy my son had a lot of problems academically. I could not figure out what to do because a lot of things I tried just didn't work. Finally, I realized every child doesn't do well sitting in a classroom. We are trying My Virtual Academy on a trial basis, and so far I like it! My son can work at his own paced without being pressured to speed up. My son's teacher call's everyday to check on us. Overall, My Virtual Academy has currently been the answer to my prayers." - Tracey C. - Oak Park Virtual Academy

"You and your staff have done a great job welcoming my son to the school. And promptly addressing any problems or concerns. We appreciate everything you have done. Thank you so much." - LaDonna E. - Harper Woods Virtual Academy

"I would also like to thank you all for the best program that I've come across yet, and I've done my homework. The curriculum is great and so are the teachers. This experience has been a blessing and I now have answers for some of the youth who are just afraid to attend Detroit Public Schools, I know many of them. This is a real issue and MVA is a real answer. I am the poster child/mother for home-schooling when the proper people are in place to make it a learning experience that will definitely prepare them for college and the real world. Easy? NO. Doable? YES is the answer I get from every student I've talked to who takes the program seriously enough. So once again, thank you for your time and effort. MVA is the next best thing to computers and sliced bread." - Kristine M. - Oak Park Virtual Academy

"The past four months in Math have been a breeze thanks to your patience and confidence in me. You never got impatient at my lack of attendance or lateness or forgetting I had assignments left because you knew I'd always eventually, if not immediately, make it up. And I thank you for months of reassurance." - Blake M. - Oak Park Virtual Academy

"I am so thankful to have found the Virtual Academy. Their program helped me accelerate through my senior year classes in order for me to graduate faster. My teachers checked in on me frequently and would always help me when I needed help. I thank them so much for helping me through my classes it was hard at times but ended the semester with all A's!! I had a great time using the program Compass it was interesting learning from videos instead of a normal classroom setting. The programs I used were easy to figure out and navigate. Organization was a problem for me in the program Odyssey Ware. It worked out eventually but the lack of organization made it hard to keep track of what assignments needed to be completed at certain times. All in all, the Virtual Academy system worked really well for me and it helped that I had a lot of motivation to complete my classes to graduate. I am so excited to finally be done with high school and so grateful that this program worked for me." - Claire W. - Cheboygan Virtual Academy

"Thank you so much for being supportive and listening. We all want you to know that while we were considering returning Daniel to carter, that idea had no reflection whatsoever on what an amazing teacher you are and how wonderful you have been for Daniel and our whole family for that matter." - Jennifer G. - Oak Park Virtual Academy

"What I liked most about MVA was that it saved my life. I was bullied a lot and had medical problems that kept me away from my old school. The teachers are unbelievably nice and help you get through personal and school troubles. The teachers continually call to make sure you are on track and if you fall behind, they help you figure out why and how they can help you move forward. I had an amazing three years at My Virtual Academy and the curriculum is well explained and taught me a lot more than I ever learned at public school. Nothing bad to say about MVA." - Katelyn B. - Harper Woods Virtual Academy

"This is my daughters 2nd year at My Virtual Academy and we love it! The staff/teachers are great! I would highly recommend this school to anyone who is unhappy with their child's current school." - Jennifer J. - My Virtual Academy

"I've been to a lot of schools, and this school is by far the best I've been to. I love all the staff/teachers, etc. Everyone is so nice and they're always encouraging. They try to help you any way that they can. I can't wait to finish in the fall :-)" - Bernadette R. - My Virtual Academy

"My boys are getting education they deserve. The staff is amazing and it's nice knowing they really do care about the students." - Kimberly P. - My Virtual Academy

"My son graduated from here and they were great!! I now have my 7th grader enrolled here!! She is so excited!" - Jessi W. - My Virtual Academy

"I love my school they are helping me further my education at home where im more comfortable!!" - Savajay M. - My Virtual Academy

"Well as of last night I have officially graduated, at 16. I'd like to thank my teachers and the staff at MVA for supporting and helping me more than my home school ever did. As those of you that know me are aware its been a dark couple of years for me... thankfully this year I've seen more light than I thought I would, and I owe a good part of that to you guys. So as I leave this all behind and keep pressing forward, once again I'd just like to thank you all for encouraging me and not giving up on me! ‪#‎ClassOf2016‬ " - Camden R. - Westwood Virtual Academy

"Ms. T is so understanding and helpful with math. Algebra 2 was one of my hardest classes but whenever I had questions she was always there to answer them. Ms. T is one of the nicest teachers and always encouraged me to do my best. She also understood when I couldn't get a lot of work done. She is one of the best teachers I've ever had. " - Elizabeth H. - My Virtual Academy

"Mrs. K puts up with me when I'm super difficult about geometry. She helped me by trying her hardest to get my grade up and giving me the space I needed to complete the class when it was needed. But she was also there when I needed her and had a lot of patience with me. She's nice and has a lot of patience with me and she makes an amazing teacher. " - Tiara T. - My Virtual Academy

"Mr. P was very patient with me, but he still gave me the push I needed to finish his class and even helped me figure out a schedule to finish my other classes." - Adrianna D. - My Virtual Academy

"Mr. P helped me the most since I've been in this program, he's very nice and understanding. He always replied fast to my messages and talked me through everything that I had trouble with. He is by far the best teacher I've had. He was also easy to talk to." - Maklayla R. - My Virtual Academy

"Mr. T was always willing to understand whatever I may have going on outside of school and worked with me. He didn't pressure me to work when I was having a bad day, just telling me that tomorrow could be a better day. When I was in a rough spot he would tell me about something similar that happened to him so I knew that it gets better. He is an amazingly kind, helpful, and caring person. Probably one of the most caring teachers I have ever met, and I am glad to have had him as my teacher. " - Marley W. - My Virtual Academy

"Mrs. H has has always helped me out as a teacher and mentor. I can always call with any questions I have and she will always have a answer for me or find out the solution for me. She has a kind and understanding heart, she cares a lot about helping the students. She has always been kind and helpful when talking to my mom they talk like friends. She gives me encouragement when I feel like giving up on a subject." - Amber T. - My Virtual Academy

"My teachers are always helping me and are patient with me with my classes. I want them to know that I appreciate their effort and they give me hope. They give me support and pep talks and help in any way that they can. If I don't finish for me I'll finish for them. Whenever I had a question for them It would never go unanswered . There's help always and they make it easy for me to reach them when I Need them. Just thank you. Thanks for helping me and many other students, Thank you for believing in me, Thank You for being awesome teachers. Just a million thanks 💞 UPDATE: Samantha's teachers are excited to let you know that she is a 2016 GRADUATE!" - Samantha S. - My Virtual Academy

"Ms. J is very patient and understanding. I feel that she loves her job and cares a lot about her students. She is smart and goes out of her way to help. I feel comfortable when we work together. She is always willing to help me. She doesn't get excited about my incomplete work, she gives me suggestions on how I my organize myself. She would spend as much time as it takes for me to understand whatever course we were working on. She always made sure I really understood by assigning me things to work on by myself and would call again to check up on me. She has made some recommendations for getting help with my math. I like her as my teacher and would like to have her as my ninth grade teacher if possible. " - Emery B. - My Virtual Academy

"Mrs. G helped me when I first started in the program with chemistry, a class that I came into unsure of because of my previous teacher at my previous school. She helped with everything I asked, literally she made sure I understood every question and got the best grade I could. She was always super positive and motivating!" - Olivia E. - My Virtual Academy

"Mrs. M is special because first of all, she made me feel very welcome from our first day of conversation. I feel very comfortable having her as my teacher. She always answers my phone calls or my online messages. She listens to me and she is always considerate of my feelings and whatever situation I make her aware of. Mrs. M always simplifies my issues in a way that I can understand or at least try to. What I love most is even though I am not all the way caught up in my courses, she lets me know this without being harsh about it. My memory is short term so it takes me awhile to get directly where I need to be. Mrs. M will give me a call occasionally to check on me, make suggestions that will help, and send messages as well. I want to say thank you so much to Mrs. M for being considerate of my disabilities in some of my assignments, because for me, math is not a subject I can comprehend very well." - RyShayla D. - My Virtual Academy

"Ms. J is always concerned about me and answers any questions I have. She helped by answering all my questions and going step by step with me. Mrs. J is like no teacher I've ever had. She sees potential in me and I thank her for that." - Brianna D. - My Virtual Academy

Education is changing! My Virtual Academy is a tuition-free online school for Michigan residents. We offer flexible learning methods for grades 5-12 and take pride in keeping students in school and allowing them to succeed. We work with many different students: home schooled, struggling in their current school, looking for an accelerated program, bullied, or coping with a physical or mental illness. Our online program can help your student achieve academic success!

My Virtual Academy has been awarded accreditation by the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI), the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC) and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI), the regional accrediting agencies that span the AdvancED global network.

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*This information was derived from the Parent Guide to Online Learning by Michigan Virtual University.

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